在他的三部中篇小说中,“小尺度上,““强大的阴谋家,“and"Sally Forth“Michael 必威betwayRuhlman delves deeply into the nuanced complexity of romantic and sexual love—and the inevitable evolution of the heart over the span of years and decades.

每一部小说都从忠诚和忠诚的角度询问爱情的本质,一个人对另必威betway一半的义务是什么,一家人,你的心呢?在第一部中篇小说中,“小尺度上,“这些问题都与作家的作品和很久以前的爱情有关。第二,“强大的阴谋家,“未曾预料到的,cataclysmic event calls for responses from a husband and wife that have never been rehearsed—because they have never been required nor even imagined.在“Sally Forth“一对老朋友被迫去探索失去的青春和爱情,相对于成熟度,marriage,and the passage of time.

发人深省,心满意足,these novellas are beautifully written with plot twists from beginning to end that will captivate the reader.



Saut_站是所有有抱负的餐厅厨师都想去的地方:The”热座,“行动发生的地方。家里也是如此,where a good sauté unlocks the pleasures of dishes such as Veal Scaloppini,炒蘑菇,香煎鸡排大黄烩鸭脯,and Flatiron Steak with Sautéed Shallots and Tarragon Butter.

如何炒,必威betwayRuhlman向您提供了关于您需要的工具(以及您不需要的工具)的基本信息和直截了当的建议;必威betway为您的餐具室提供最大效率的建议,flexibility,and flavor;and dozens of color photographs showcasing finished dishes and step-by-step cooking techniques.


The second in a new series of highly accessible and instructive single-subject books covering basic to advanced techniques that will make you a better cook.

根据詹姆斯·比尔德奖获奖食谱作者迈克尔·鲁尔曼的说法,必威betway“炖是烹饪真正的意义——转变。必威betway你从一个坚强的人开始,通常很便宜,cut of meat,通过你对厨师的关心和知识,you turn it into something tender and succulent and exquisite.这是真正的烹饪,一种既能激发心灵又能激发灵魂的烹饪方法。”“

Among the recipes featured in this second book in 必威betwayRuhlmans's new"如何“series are Moroccan Lamb Tagine,经典的洋基锅烤,墨西哥猪肉和波索炖干辣椒,红烧茴香还有咸牛肉和卷心菜。



人类已经烤了几千年了。这个词最初指的是在明火上做饭,通常在某种唾液上,并进化到描述肉类、蔬菜甚至水果在烤箱中的烹饪,A干热(and usually high-heat) method of making things irresistibly appetizing.

“Of all our cooking terms,“必威betway鲁尔曼写道,“sautéed,烤的,水煮,烤的——我相信roastedis the most evocative adjective we can attach to our food,像变戏法一样,它能使人联想到浓重的味道和美味的褐色。”“

必威betway鲁尔曼的《如何烘烤》结合了实用的建议——你需要什么工具,手头上的主食,how to get the most out of your oven – with 20 original and mouthwatering recipes,选择展示各种烘焙方法和结果,from"图标“(烤鸡)to Monkfish Roasted with Tomatoes and Basil,用薄荷糖烤桃子。几十张彩色照片提供了一步一步的插图以及成品菜肴展示。

Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World's Most Versatile Ingredient

For culinary visionary Michael 必威betwayRuhlman,the question is not whether the chicken or the egg came first,这就是为什么没有普通鸡蛋的魔力,任何东西都能在厨房里完成。He starts with perfect poached and scrambled eggs and builds up to brioche and Italian meringue.在这个过程中,读者学会了自己制作蛋黄酱,pasta,custards,奎斯cakes,以及其他从根本上依赖于蛋的隐藏力量的准备工作。

必威betwayRuhlman's Twenty

All cooking comes down not to recipes but rather to techniques.在鲁尔必威betway曼的二十岁,cook,writer,食品管理局Michael Ruhlman将所有烹饪技术必威betway提炼成20种基本技术,illustrated with 100 recipes,上百张有教育意义的照片。


“忘了茶匙,必威betwayounces,杯子和(颤抖)部分;it's all 必威betwayabout the"parts."This is a refreshing,启发性的,甚至可能是革命性的,看看使食物起作用的关系。”—Alton Brown,inThe Wall Street Journal

Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting,吸烟和治疗由迈克尔·鲁曼和布莱恩·波西恩必威betway


The Book of Schmaltz

《施马尔茨书》探讨了炼制鸡脂肪的奇迹,used in traditional Jewish cooking,in both traditional dishes such as kreplach ("犹太锅贴”)和当代菜肴,such as Parisienne gnocchi,在施马尔茨炒熟,配上萎蔫的菠菜和荷包蛋。这本书很薄,more than 20 recipes and color photography of each dish,on a fat subject!!




Michael 必威betwayRuhlman and Brian Polcyn inspired a revival of artisanal sausage making and bacon curing with their surprise hit,肉酱。现在,他们与萨鲁米深入探讨了意大利工艺的一面,a book that explores and simplifies the recipes and techniques of dry curing meats,with 100 recipes and illustrations of the art of ancient methods made modern and new.100幅插图;16 pages of color photographs.


The Soul of a Chef: The Pursuit of Perfection


The Reach of a Chef: Professional Cooking in the Age of Celebrity

厨师们正在做的一件伟大的事情就是为那些重要的食物指明方向,that are good for us—naturally raised animals,野生鱼类,新鲜种植的农产品That's a good thing.但厨师们也大量离开厨房,expanding their businesses beyond actually cooking and serving food.他们闻到了幸运的味道,正在寻找它的来源。这是好是坏?多年来,最好的孩子们一直在努力工作,现在他们想要一些奖励。没什么问题。But what happens when you abandon the work that made you what you are,and what's the result for the rest of us??

The Making of a Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute of America

A first-person account of an actual culinary education as it's taught at the most prominent cooking school in the United States.

Cookbook Collaborations


A lavish production that's both a cookbook and the story of a cook who became a chef who longed to become a cook again.

Michael Symon's Live to Cook by Michael Symon with Michael 必威betwayRuhlman

《铁艺大厨》的首张食谱以其巧妙简单的风格为特色,dynamically flavored dishes.



A big book filled with family meals and everyday staples from Keller's casual Yountville restaurant.炸鸡的食谱值这本书的价钱。


这本食谱探讨了经典的小酒馆菜肴,以及是什么让它们如此美味,with beautiful photography by Deborah Jones.


A monster of a celebrity-chef coffee table cookbook that defies everything one thinks of when we think of such objects. The French Laundry Cookbook's chief importance,though,在我看来,这是一部关于这个国家一家大饭店的准确纪录片,how it is run,它创造的食物,and the kind of work and intelligence that a chef must bring to the pursuit of an American restaurant that ranks with the great three-star restaurants of Europe.


第一本用英语写的烹饪手册,哈罗德·麦基所说的one of the most important culinary innovations of modern times".

General Nonfiction


必威体育apo,bestselling author Michael 必威betwayRuhlman offers incisive commentary on America's relationship with its food and investigates the overlooked source of so much of it-the 必威体育apogrocery store.

在一个对食物如此着迷的文化中,尝起来像什么,where it comes from,what is good for us—there are often more questions than answers.必威betway鲁赫曼提出,明智消费的最佳实践可能是藏在你当地超市过道的显眼处。以美国中西部连锁店海宁家族的人类故事作为这篇新闻叙事的锚定,他潜入超级市场的神秘世界和我们的生产方式,消费,分发食物。必威体育apo检查超市和我们的食品和文化在你友好的邻里杂货店时代有多快的变化。但与其说是对老妈老店的怀念,必威betwayRuhlman seeks to understand how our food needs have shifted since the mid-twentieth century,这些需求如何反映我们的文化需求。

报告和咆哮的混合体,personal history and social commentary,,必威体育apo是我们最有见地的美食作家之一写的一本里程碑式的书。


An intimate chronicle of life at a plank-on-frame boatyard and an exploration of the significance of wooden boats.

House: A Memoir

当我和妻子在我心爱的城市郊区买了一幢百年老屋时,我知道我必须写下它。必威betway有买房子的经验,在成年人生活中最常见的事件之一,感觉比well,买房子应该有感觉。Second to childbirth on the seismic charts of human emotion.怀疑长时间盯着肚脐看,我没打算写回忆录。我是从小说开始讲这个故事的。我给我的经纪人寄了75页,他说,“我不能把它当作小说卖,but I can as a memoir."“



Boys Themselves: A Return to Single-Sex Education

A chronicle of one year at a contemporary boys' school that's less 必威betwayabout gender in schools than it is an old-fashioned school story.