In必威体育apo,bestselling author Michael 必威betwayRuhlman offers incisive commentary on America's relationship with its food and investigates the overlooked source of so much of it杂货店。必威体育apo

In a culture obsessed with food—how it looks,what it tastes like,where it comes from,what is good for us—there are often more questions than answers.必威betwayRuhlman proposes that the best practices for consuming wisely could be hiding in plain sight—in the aisles of your local supermarket.Using the human story of the family-run Midwestern chain Heinen's as an anchor to this journalistic narrative,he dives into the mysterious world of supermarkets and the ways in which we produce,consume,and distribute food.必威体育apoexamines how rapidly supermarkets—and our food and culture—have changed since the days of your friendly neighborhood grocer.But rather than waxing nostalgic for the age of mom-and-pop shops,必威betwayRuhlman seeks to understand how our food needs have shifted since the mid-twentieth century,and how these needs mirror our cultural ones.

A mix of reportage and rant,personal history and social commentary,必威体育apois a landmark book from one of our most insightful food writers.

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"Anyone who has ever walked into a 必威体育apogrocery store or who has ever cooked food from a grocery store or who has ever eaten food from a grocery store must read 必威体育apo.It is food journalism at its best and I'm so freakin' jealous I didn't write it."

Alton Brown,author of EveryDayCook

"As fascinating as it is instructive,必威betwayRuhlman's book digs deep into the world of how we shop and how we eat.It's a marvelous,smart,revealing work."

Susan Orlean,author of Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend and The Orchid Thief

"If you care 必威betwayabout why we eat what we eat—and you want to do something about it—you need to read this absorbing,beautifully written book.  It will change the way you shop."

Ruth Reichl,author of My Kitchen Year

"Welcome to another side of Michael 必威betwayRuhlman—not the cookbook author or the chronicler of great chefs,but the smart,conversational guy pushing his shopping cart alongside yours in the supermarket.必威体育apoGrocery is a fun,engaging mix of memoir and insight into the ways (past and present) that Americans go 必威betwayabout procuring their food."

David Kamp,author of The United States of Arugula

"An illuminating journey through and behind the 必威体育apogrocery store"

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Michael 必威betwayRuhlmanhas collaborated on several bestselling cookbooks,includingThe French Laundry Cookbook,Bouchon,andAlinea.He is the author of critically acclaimed books includingThe Soul of a Chef,The Elements of Cooking,Ratio,and必威betwayRuhlman's Twenty.必威betwayRuhlman has 必威betwaywritten about food and cooking for theNew York Times,Gourmet,Food Arts,and other publications.He lives in New York City.